Let’s learn how to build a video landing page using your iOS device.

Step One: To start, open your BIGVU App and select the Projects button.

A list of all your projects will appear on the Projects page.

Step Two: Select the project you wish to work with and view its details.

Step Three: Pick the Take that you will use for your landing page.

Step Four: Select Create Video Landing Page to set up your BIGVU Page.

Step Five: Edit the Page Heading and Page Text that your audience will see on your landing page.

Step Six: Once done, click Publish.

When your video is ready to mail or to share, a dialog box will open.

By clicking Share, you will have the option to manage where to upload your content.

You can share your BIGVU Page using your messaging application.

You can copy the link to imbed it on other pages you own.

Or save it as a personal file.

It takes one click to confirm where your BIGVU Page will live.

Once finished, a copy of your BIGVU page will show up on the list of finished video pages.

You can preview your landing page by clicking the More options button.

Just select the View Page option.

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