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Edit the text on the Video Landing Page (Mobile)
Edit the text on the Video Landing Page (Mobile)

Edit the text in your BIGVU landing page

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Need to do some revisions to your Video Landing Page? Easily edit your page content, logo, and call-to-action button by following the steps below.

View this article to learn how to edit your page content on the Web

Open Video Pages

  • Access your Pages List screen by (1) selecting your Profile icon

  • On your Profile, look for (2) Pages and tap on it, all your Pages list will be displayed with the last one created on the top

  • On your Video Pages section, (3) click on the 3-dots menu of the selected page and then (4) select "Edit page content"

Edit Page Content

Aside from the actual page content, you can also change your Call to Action Button and Logo using this editing option.

  • Write Page Text: You can edit your Header, which is the title of your Video Page, and follow with your body text. Once done, (1) Tap Next to proceed with the next step

  • Select Page Button: (2) Change or Edit your Call to Action button and (3) Tap the Next button to allow you to go to the last step

  • Add Logo: You can change your Logo by (4) pressing the current logo and it will allow you to choose or upload a new one

  • Once everything is finalized, (5) press Publish to apply the changes you made

  • You can then (6) Preview your video page and directly (7) Email Page or Share it

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