Coupons can be redeemed by logging in to our website but NOT through our mobile apps.

1. If you have never created an account on BIGVU

If you buy a coupon on AppSumo, you will get a direct link to a dedicated landing page to redeem your coupon and create an account at the same time.

One AppSumo code for BIGVU Studio is worth a Workgroup BIGVU License for up to 5 users.

If you wish to upgrade to more users:

  • Purchase additional coupons through AppSumo.

  • Login to BIGVU׳s Web desk -

  • Enter to My Profile by clicking on the menu button (upper right-hand side).

  • Enter the coupon code you received in the designated area to redeem your coupons and Click “Redeem”. The updated plan will appear under your avatar.

2. If you have already a Free account on BIGVU and you just purchased an AppSumo Code for BIGVU Workgroup or for BIGVU Collections

3. If you have already a BIGVU subscription on Apple, Android, or Stripe (Stripe is the platform managing your subscription if you subscribed on the BIGVU Web Desk), you need first to unsubscribe, refresh your screen then the field for redeeming your code should appear.

Please do not hesitate to contact for any assistance

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