How to add my logo on the Web?
Brand your videos with your business logo. Make your videos your own.
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Add your logo easily with BIGVU to have a professional video with your Brand.

First of all, download your logo in your Branding:

1. Go to Branding on the left side menu.

2. Click on the plus button and add your logo.


Once your logo updated, your can add it in a specific Video:

3. On the project screen, open the relevant video you want to add logo to.

4. Click on the 3 dots a popup opens to show what you can do with your Take.

5. In the popup, click on 'Open Video Maker'.

Notice: The feature of Video Maker to add Captions and Style your video is only available for subscribed users 💎 as it requires uploading the captions to the Cloud.

If it’s the first time you open in Video Maker your video you need to select the language of the Take in order to add relevant Captions.

6. In Video Maker, at the bottom of the video you will be able to add a Logo

Click on Add logo and choose your added logo. Your logo will appear on the top of the video.

Logo VM.png

You can choose to apply it only to the selected scene or to all scenes and change the size of the logo

At any time you can choose not to display your logo by deactivating the "Visible" option.

Logo VM2.png

7. Click on Create to apply the changes.

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