• Access to the teleprompter app on any iOS and Android mobile device

  • Access to the BIGVU web app desk.bigvu.tv . You can write a script from the comfort of your computer and send it in one-click to your mobile app

  • WordTrim - your video is transcribed automatically. You just need to select the words where you want your video to start and end.

  • Business Card Animation - create an animation with your contact details and add it at the end of any video

  • Export your video straight to your camera roll, Youtube, Facebook, and any social media app on your mobile.

  • A small watermark with the BIGVU logo will be present on the videos that you record.

You can stay Free as long as you want. If you decide to go Premium, check out our plans: STARTER for videos up to 9 min, PLUS for videos up to 59 min, and WorkGroup/Teams to get your team to collaborate on scripts and videos.

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