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AI Voice Generator

Turn any idea into an AI-narrated video in minutes.

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Get studio-quality voiceovers in Seconds – the AI Voice Generator effortlessly converts written content into natural-sounding voices, saving you valuable time and production costs. No more need to hire voice actors or buy expensive microphones for your content!

You can even clone your own voice to keep your video completely on brand.
Simply type or paste your text, and let our AI voice generator bring it to life with astonishing realism.

👥 Who can access this feature? AI Pro, and Team Pro Plans

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available on the web platform

Follow the steps below to get started:

Open your Script Project

You need to open or create a script for your project to use this feature.

1. Click New Script to create a new script project or

2. Select your existing project by clicking it

3. On the left side, Select AI Voice Generator

Choose your AI Voice

On this screen, you can find a voice that fits your Brand by filtering the following options:

  1. Language - Select from 20+ languages to ensure your voiceover resonates with your target audience

  2. Gender - Choose the gender of the voice that best fits your brand's personality and message

  3. Speaking Style - Pick a speaking style, from conversational to formal, that aligns with your brand's tone and feel

  4. Video Use Case - Filter voices based on specific video use cases, such as advertisement, conversational, or social media, to match your content perfectly.

  5. Choose the Voice from the available options based on your filter or Clone a Voice

  6. Click Next after selecting your voice

Clone a Voice

Upload a video of yourself speaking, and BIGVU will generate a voice that sounds just like you.

1. Click the Cloned Voices button on the top

2. On the left side, click the Clone Voice button

3. Tick the box for the BIGVU Terms & Privacy to proceed

4. Click Uploads and select a file

👀 Video file should be at least 1 minute

5. Select an existing file or you can upload a new video

6. Once the video has been selected, click on Clone Voice to process it

7. Once generated, you will see the audio available and ready to be used

Presenter Picture

In the presenter screen, choose a digital avatar or upload your own image. This picture will be featured in the audiogram, adding a visual element to your video.

1. You can Upload your own image or

2. Select from the available avatar below

Upload Your Image

3. Click on the cloud button to upload a photo

4. Select a file or Upload a new image file

5. After selecting your digital avatar, click Next to continue

Select a Background

In the background screen. you can customize your video further by selecting the (1) aspect ratio that fits your desired format—vertical, horizontal, or square.

Next, select the (2) waveform color that will overlay your audiogram, adding a dynamic visual element.

Lastly, (3) choose a royalty-free background image from the BIGVU library, Pixabay, or upload your own.

Once finalized, you can now click the (4) Create Video on the top right side

Allow us to process your AudioGram for a few minutes and you will receive a notification via email once it's ready ✨

After processing, you can go back to your Script Project and you will now see the AudioGram take, and you're ready to edit, download, or share your video! 🚀

Faceless video needs visuals! 🖼️

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