Using Video Maker is possible only if you are styling your video with captions on the web.

  • Notice that you can only upload photos and videos to the Video Maker. If you also want to upload your own music and background strips, you can do it on the Media Library.

1. Open the relevant video.

2. Click on the 3 dots and select Open in Video Maker.

OpenVM (1).png

3. Go to Uploads in the left panel (1).

Pay attention: BIGVU is not responsible for videos/photos uploaded, make sure to comply with copyright regulations.

4. Click on the uploaded photo/video and make it an overlying visual by dragging and dropping it (2) on the small photo in the storyboard.


Once the image is overlayed, it is possible to delete it by clicking on the 3-dots menu of the related segment and clicking on "Remove Media"

Group 1437.png

5. Click on Create on the top right of the Video Maker screen to apply the changes.

Please note: if you don't want to use your own visuals, you can add Tweets and use BIGVU'S library and Pixabay (a copyright free shared library) and add photos and videos to your video.

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