Refresh or Delete Social Channels (Web)

Refresh or Delete Social Media Channel from the social media dashboard

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Refreshing your social channels may help overcome connectivity issues. You can also disconnect unused or defunct social channels

View this article to refresh or delete Social Channels on Mobile

Locate Dashboard

  • Log into your BIGVU account

  • Select ‘Social Channels’ from the left-hand menu bar (1) and click on Manage Account to manage your Social Channels (2)

You can also choose to link additional channels from this screen. Select the social media channel you would like to link to your BIGVU account (3)

Locate Social Channel

  • At the bottom, you can find all the Linked Accounts

  • Select the social media account you want to refresh or delete by (4) clicking the 3 dots at the end of the line to manage the Linked channel

To refresh the connection, select “Refresh connection

➡️ Then, confirm permission to allow, authorize, or continue the usage of the app as a third-party application.

To Delete the social media channel from the list, select “Remove Channel” and confirm the action to proceed.

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