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Post your videos on Social Media (iOS )

Schedule or post instantly to 20 social media channels. Use the social media dashboard to know how well your social media is performing.

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Choose to share your post when you know your audience may be watching, create a robust content schedule, and delight your viewers with consistent posting.

Post your video to 20 different social channels all at once from within the BIGVU platform, and control the scheduling time of the post using the iOs mobile app!

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to BIGVU premium users- Starter, AI Pro, and Teams accounts

📶 Which devices support this feature? You can post on social media accounts on all platforms. Only the iOS mobile app allows scheduling. This FAQ details posting on the iOs mobile app. Please see here for other devices

How to share your videos on social media from BIGVU iOs mobile

1. Record your video and make it pretty (you know, captions, music, themes, and all that BIGVU goodness).

2. Access your video project from the project screen (1), the button on the far left of the bottom menu. Click on the thumbnail of the video project (2) from which you will be sharing a video.

2. From within your project, select the video take (1) you will be sharing

3. Click the share (2) button on the bottom of the screen and choose "Post on Social Channels"

5. Select all the social media accounts (1) on which you would like to post your video by clicking on the circle to the right of each account. Click the Next (2) button on the top right.

👉 Haven't linked your accounts yet? Check out this FAQ to learn how. You can also link accounts at this point of the sharing process by clicking "+Link more accounts" on the bottom of the screen

Text for social media post

Now it gets super cool😎. If you have a script for your video, BIGVU AI will generate an optimal text for the post in each channel. With #hashtags and all (1)...If not, go ahead and fill in those blanks. Add your own text for each post or generate using the AI scriptwriter (2)

🤖 Not loving the suggested script? The AI generator has you covered. Select what you would like to rewrite (title or description), and click on our robot friend - the AI Script Generator(2). He'll suggest a different text until you're happy with the result.

Share immediately

Ready to share right now? Keep the dropdown menu in the top center of the screen on the "Now" (1) option. Click the "Post" button to share your post immediately.

Schedule a social media post

  1. Choose from the dropdown menu on the top of the screen the "Schedule" (2) option


2. Choose the date and time you would like your video to go live from the calendar, and click on the "Done" button. You'll be able to view all scheduled posts on the social media dashboard.

Processing social media posts

Allow several minutes for the post to process. Go ahead, and grab some coffee ☕- after creating such an amazing video you deserve it!

As long as you have accepted our notifications, you will receive an email and notification for each successful post. If not, you can always view your progress on the social media dashboard.

On the "Continue" button of the processing screen, you can see the number of accounts that your post is being shared on. In this example, we are posting on nine social media accounts—all at once!

Social Media Dashboard

Instead of logging into each social media platform in order to view engagement on your video, you can view it all from within the social media dashboard.

View the progress of the posts you have just shared, how many viewers you have reached, the engagement with your posts (number of clicks) your previous posts received, and which posts are scheduled.

Congrats, You're now saving time, reaching more people, and building your brand in record time!

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