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How to Share to Instagram Business Account from BIGVU Apps?
How to Share to Instagram Business Account from BIGVU Apps?

To share from BIGVU to Instagram you need to set your Instagram Account as Business Professional Account and link it to a Facebook Page.

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From BIGVU, you can share your videos to all your Social Channels in one click!

Before to share to Instagram accounts from BIGVU, it requires some settings to install in your Instagram account:

👉 Simply switch your Instagram account to Professional Account, link it to a Facebook Page before to share your videos from BIGVU!

To do this, please follow these steps from Instagram and Facebook on the web:

1. On Instagram : Set your Account as Business Account

1) Log In into your Instagram account from the Web:

2) In the left bar on your Instagram account, Click on "More"(1) and select "Settings" (2) and click on "Switch to professional account" (3).

3) Then, you must complete the following steps to complete your Profile: choose between "Creator" or "Business" for your professional account, select the Category that corresponds to your activity and complete your Contact details if you wish...

4) In few clicks, your Instagram account is set as Professional account, Save by clicking on "Done".

2. On Facebook : Create a Facebook Page and Link it to your Instagram Business Account

1) Login to your Facebook account: and click on "Pages" in the left bar.

2) Here you can select a page with which you want to link your Instagram account or create a new one.

3) Let's create a new one by clicking on "+ Create new Page" in the previous screen.

You must determinate a Page name, one or several Categories of your business and click on "Create Page".

Then, you can set up your Page in 5 steps if you wish or you can complete these steps more later and simply click on "Save".

4) Into your new Page, Select "Settings" on the left bar.

5) In the Settings, click on "Linked Accounts"

6) Select "Instagram" on the left bar, connect your account by clicking on the blue "Connect account" button.

7) Then continue the process by clicking on "Connect" and after "Confirm" buttons.

8) Congratulations, your Instagram account is now linked to a Facebook Page and you can go to BIGVU to share your videos!

3. On BIGVU : Link your Instagram Business Account and other Social Channels and Share your Videos:

In order to link your Instagram Business Account or any Social Media account to your BIGVU account please read the related article according to the platform you use. Then share all BIGVU videos to all your Social Channels in one click from BIGVU:

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