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How to Auto Highlight my Captions on iOS?
How to Auto Highlight my Captions on iOS?
Add Subtitles and highlight them automatically with AI emphasizing impactful words
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1) In your Video Menu, click on: 'Magic Style'.

2) Choose: 'Style with Captions' and click on 'Auto Highlight'

3) After a short process, the Style video Process appears

You have the ability here to Resize, Add Caption Theme, a Logo, a Music background, an Intro and an Outro and also access your Captions to edit them.

You can follow the process to Style your Video by clicking (1) 'Next' button or directly choose the screen that interests you to customize your video (2).

4) Click on "CC" Screen to access your Captions, in each Segment, you will be able to (3) Edit your Captions and to (4) Edit your Segments.

  • (3) Edit Captions: The highlighted words are either surrounded by stars " * " or by two slashes " / ", depending on the Theme chosen, this represents 2 different colors. You can edit the highlighted words as you wish.

  • (4) Edit Timecodes (Segments duration) : This option allows you to edit the duration of the segment, ie in terms of Captions, the words that are displayed on the same screen while the presenter pronounces them. (Available only on iOS for now)

5) Once the video is styled the way you want, click on "Make Video" and then it will create a new Take styled in your Project.

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