We will explain how to change the page template to the type of template you want. There are several built-in options for templates that can each be customized from the inside at the following link edit template. If you have already done so well, and if you haven't already, you may do so after selecting the desired template.

  1. Click on Pages in the right menu to access your pages:

2. in the page you want to change click on page actions, you will see it only when you put the mouse over your selected page:

3. You will be presented with a bar where you can choose to Change Templates.

4. After you have chosen your template, click the "Save" button.

It is important to note that changing the template will only change the place of the objects. To change the contents, you must enter edit Template.

On the edit Template you can:

  • Add your logo.

  • Choose a call-to-action button and it's color by adding your business information.

  • Change the headline & text color.

  • Insert your business information.

  • Insert your social media links.

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