You have successfully created your own BIGVU page, good job! Now It’s time to share it with your followers, prospects or colleagues.

When you press publish, your page will open in web browser the same way than your viewers will see it.

To share your page, copy the URL address or go back to “Pages” option in the menu to access the list all of your pages.

Sharing the URL will create an image showing the thumbnail of your video and the title, making it much more engaging and clickable.

How to Send a video via email, text or social media?

Copy your video link, paste and share it with your followers using email, Messenger, text and social media.


Go to the left main bar and click on Pages.

Then you put you’re mouse over the right video it will show you the right box:

Then click on it and you could copy from the “Copy URL” button:

Share your copied page link and create your engaging clickable image:

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