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How to change my video's aspect ratio on the Web?
How to change my video's aspect ratio on the Web?
Crop and resize your video so it fits the aspect ratio that is best suited for the platform you are using: square, horizontal or vertical.
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  • The "aspect ratio" of a video refers to whether the video is horizontal (landscape mode, also referred to as 16:9), vertical (portrait mode, also referred to as 9:16), or square (a 1:1 aspect ratio).

  • If you want to change your video's aspect ratio without adding captions, click here.

1. Go to

2. Open the relevant video.

3. Click on the 3 dots a popup opens to show what you can do with your Take.

4. In the popup, click on 'Open Video Maker'.

Opening Video Maker will automatically add captions to your video: you need to choose the language of your captions and wait while it generates.

This process can take a minute.

5. Go to the Style button (1) on the left sidebar and choose the desired Aspect Ratio (2), then you can choose: "Crop" or "Add banners" (3).


Note: If you click "Crop" directly in the sidebar, your video will be cropped to the last format selected.

Interesting to know: When you crop a video, an AI tool from BIGVU automatically crops your video intelligently centered on the character.

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