• The "aspect ratio" of a video refers to whether the video is horizontal (landscape mode, also referred to as 16:9), vertical (portrait mode, also referred to as 9:16), or square (a 1:1 aspect ratio).

  • If you want to change your video's aspect ratio without adding captions, click here.

1. Go to desk.bigvu.tv

2. Open the relevant video.

3. Click on the 3 dots a popup opens to show what you can do with your Take.

4. In the popup, click on 'Open Video Maker'.

Opening Video Maker will automatically add captions to your video: you need to choose the language of your captions and wait while it generates.

This process can take a minute.

5. Go to the Style button (1) on the left sidebar and choose the desired Aspect Ratio (2), then you can choose: "Crop" or "Add banners" (3).


Note: If you click "Crop" directly in the sidebar, your video will be cropped to the last format selected.

Interesting to know: When you crop a video, an AI tool from BIGVU automatically crops your video intelligently centered on the character.

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