1. Create your video on the app. 
  2. Press "Crop, Captions, Logo, Green replace" .
  3. Choose "style with captions" option.
    note: Take into consideration that you can either add a lower 3rd title OR         captions, not both. 

4. Choose the language of the captions.

5. On the lower menu panel bar:
     -Press on the "CC" icon.

-The video will be separated into segments with their matching captions.

-On each segment, you will be able to edit the captions manually and highlight a specific part of the caption, insert a star (*) or slash (/) in the beginning and end of the part you wish to highlight:

  •  Press on the "arrow" button.
  • Press on " Aa captions" button  to edit segment's captions.

   -Press "Save" to confirm your changes.

6. Return to editing menu and Style your video

7. Press "Make video". 

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