Managing workspaces

Workspaces organize your account, allowing you to efficiently manage multiple departments, teams, and projects in one place.

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Creating workspaces is a great way to organize your clients and departments.

AI Pro and Teams subscribers can create as many workspaces as they would like. We don’t charge for them.

Each workspace includes the following:

  • Video Projects area

  • Dedicated Branding

  • Media Library

  • Uploads Area

  • Connected Social Channels

    Divide clients into separate workspaces or create dedicated ones for each team, giving teams access only to their own video projects and assets.

👥 Who can access this feature? AI Teams Pro or AI Pro subscribers

📢 Only AI Teams can add admins, editors, and contributors to a workspace.

Creating a new workspace is simple and only takes a few steps. Here's how:

Add a Workspace

  1. Click on Add Member in the Left Pane

  2. Then click on + Add Workspace

3. A popup opens, choose the name of this workspace

4. Add your workspace Logo

5. Click on Save

Workspace Settings

  • Click on (1) Add Member in the Left Pane

  • Then click on ⚙️ Workspaces (2)

Here is the screen to manage Workspaces when we click on "Team Settings"

  • In the menu at the end of the line, when you click on the 3-dots menu you can manage your selected Workspace: you can change the logo or the name of your workspace, copy members, or even delete the Workspace

Duplicate Script

  • You can duplicate your script from one workspace to the others

  • On your chosen Script Project, (1) Click on the 3-dot menu

  • (2) Select Duplicate to copy your script

  • (3) Select Move to Workspace if you want to transfer it to another workspace

Choose a Workspace

  • (1) Select the workspace/s you'd like to share the Script to

  • Once done, you can (2) hit Apply to save your changes

Move projects between workspaces

You can also move video and script projects from one workspace to another. Moving it means it will disappear from the current workspace and will transfer to another one.

  • On your chosen Project, (1) Click on the 3-dot menu

  • (2) Select Move to Workspace

Choose a Workspace

  • (1) Select the Workspace by clicking the drop-down menu

  • Once done, (2) Click Select

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