BIGVU enables users to capture videos and to feature recordings front and center on the BIGVU Page.

There are four templates one can use to showcase messages to spotlight and broadcast.

You can use the Call to Action template to attract prospective customers and when promoting your business to potential leads.

You can use the Video Profile template to feature your showreel and personal brand in auditions and job applications.

You can use the Headline template to share your videos on social media.

You can use the Vlog template to add your BIGVU Page to your website.

  • For Plus and Workgroup/Teams accounts, you can add your URL and attach it to your website.

  • For Teams and Workgroup Plan subscribers, pages created by individual subscribers will not be seen by fellow collaborators.

  • All of these templates are customizable and you can set it up as you like your BIGVU Page to be.

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