A teleprompter is great. Whether it's used for a confidence boost, eye contact, or not forgetting the lines, it can really take your videos to the next level.

However, it's not magic! This article is all about the "Do's and Don'ts" for using a teleprompter, to make sure you achieve your video goals.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is critical for engaging your viewers, conveying confidence and showing authenticity. Here are 3 crucial tips (by order) to maintain perfect eye contact while using a teleprompter.

1. Text size

In general, the key to eye contact is keeping the text as close to the camera as possible. One important step is to keep the text (font size) as small as possible while still being readable. Click here to learn how to adjust font size with the BIGVU teleprompter.

2. Which line to read

Always read the top lines, as they are closest to the camera.

One of the worst things you can do is read the bottom line as it comes into view. This takes your eyes far away from the camera!

In order to make sure you are not tempted to read the bottom lines, the next tip is crucial.

3. Teleprompter scroll speed

Find your cadence - play with the teleprompter speed until you are comfortable reading the top line at a normal speaking rate.

Click here to learn how to adjust the teleprompter's speed with the BIGVU teleprompter.


Reading from a teleprompter could force us into “serious reading” mode.

For many people, it helps to smile before starting the recording (during countdown). It makes your face more relaxed, and smiling is always better for the camera.

Remember, the goal of all the tips is to keep eye contact, and convey authenticity. In other words, to get all the benefits of the teleprompter, without falling into common mistakes. Usually, that takes a little practice. You shouldn't expect your first video with a teleprompter to be perfect, but don't give up! Follow the tips, and you will soon get there.

Good luck video maker!

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