What is BIGVU-Pages?
Create a branded video page and build a relationship by sharing a personalized video link
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BIGVU Pages is the perfect way to send videos, brand and personalize your message, and engage your prospects or followers into a conversation.

Make a branded page for any video created with BIGVU and send the link to your audience via mail or landing page.

What can I do with BIGVU pages?

  • Create personal connections: brand and personalize your message

  • Conversational Engagement: Email, text or copy your video link and send it to your followers in WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Slack or social media.

  • Track the activity: see who watched your video and get immediate replies through email, call or message according to the Call to Action button you chosen.

Here is a an example of a preview of a Video Page with loggo, Call to Action button, a text displayed under the video and a footer with contact infos and Social Links.

To access to your BIGVU Pages in your App

  • On the WEB: connect to your Web account https://desk.bigvu.tv/login, and then click on the left Pane on "Pages" (1) and then you will be able to access all your pages, with a menu to edit, share or delete mainly (2) your page and also Analytics (3)

    Analytics you can get for each page are Page Views, Button Clicks and Video Views.

  • On Mobile: Login to your App, click the Profile icon in the bottom bar (1), select "Pages" (2) and the list of your pages will appear. For each Page you can access the menu to edit, share or delete mainly by clicking the 3-dots menu.


In sales, it is always hard to get people's attention.

To stand out, you can record yourself, personalize your message and send it to your clients via text messages or email.

Normally, you would have no way to know who saw your video, and who might be interested. but, with BIGVU pages, all of this information is readily available to you: you can track traffic and views of your video, and get instant replies from viewers.

Create your impeccable video page with BIGVU pages.

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