How do I manage Team Permissions?

Role&Team Permissions determine what a user can or cannot do in BIGVU. Learn how to edit the different roles.

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Role Permissions determine what a user can or cannot do in BIGVU.

Only Organization Owner and Admins can edit Role Permissions

Follow these steps to assign Role Permissions

1. Enter the left pane and select 'Add Member'

Here you have 2 ways to Change Team Permission

  • (2) In the 3-dots button at the end of the line of the related user, you can choose "Change Team Permission". You can also here Copy Email of the user or Remove access from the Workspace.

    Note: the users displayed on this screen are the users invited to the Workspace whose name is displayed at the top left (3), you can change the Workspace to find other users.

  • (4) You can also click on Team Settings

If you clicked on 'Team Settings' --> the next screen allow the Owner or the Admin to manage Workspaces

Then you need to click on the top of the page the Call to Action button "Edit Team Members"

2. Then you can manage the Team Permissions by clicking on the drop-down menu to switch roles (1).

In this screen you see all users of your organization and also the 'pending users' who has been invited recently and didn't accept yet their invitation. If you want for these users you 'Resend an Invitation". Also for each user you can "Copy Email" and 'Delete' user from the organization.

3. If you are the Owner of the Organization, you will have the option to "Transfer Ownership" to any Admin to transfer the ownership of all the organization.

Note: Admins can only change the role of editors and members and only the owner can change the role of an admin.

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