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How do I remove a user from a Workspace or Delete a User from my Organization? Team Accounts
How do I remove a user from a Workspace or Delete a User from my Organization? Team Accounts

Remove a user from a Workspace will not delete the user from your Organization!

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Removing a member's access to workspace is not the same as Deleting a member from the organization. Let's see what the difference is and how to perform these actions!

I/ Remove a User from a Workspace

Access to workspaces depends on the role affiliated to the member of the organization:

  • Team Owner or Admin are by default invited to all Workspaces

  • Editor or Member have access only to the Workspaces where they were invited them to.

--> For more details about different roles, please read this article: What are the different role permissions in BIGVU Teams?

Note: You will NOT be able to remove a member from a Workspace if this user is only invited to one Workspace, your need to add another workspace to this user or delete him from your organization.

In order to remove a member from a Workspace, please follow these steps:

1) Click the "Add Member" button on the left side to access the team settings screens.(1)

2) Here you will see all members invited to this workspace.

In order to know which Workspace you are currently on, please check on the top left (3), you will be able to see the current Workspace and change Workspace if you wish.

3) When you're in the right workspace and want to remove a member's access to that workspace, click the 3-dot menu to the right of the user's row and select: "Remove" (2)

4) A popup appears asking you to write the word REMOVE for more security. Once completed, the member will be removed from this workspace.

In order to Delete a User from your Organization, you will need to enter in the Team Settings (4)

II/ Delete a User from your Organization

Deleting a user from your Organization will remove their access to all Workspaces they have been invited to and add an available seat to your Team.

In order to delete a User from your Organization, please follow these steps:

1) In the Add Member Screen (1), select "Team Settings" on the top right (4).

2) In this screen, you can Manage your Workspaces (to learn more about that, here is the related FAQ article). To Manage Team members Permissions, delete Users from your Organization, you need to click on "Edit Team Members"

3) On each user's row, you can click on the 3-dot menu and "Delete" the user from the Organization.

In the same menu, you can also "Copy email" of the associated user or "Resend Invitation" if the user is "Pending" and has not yet accepted the Invitation you sent.

4) Once you select "Delete", a popup will open telling you that you are deleting the user from your Organization.

You have the choice to Delete all the content created by this user or to Transfer the ownership of his projects to you so that you do not lose them. You will be asked to confirm the email address of the user you want to delete for added security.

5) In the "Edit Team Members" screen, you can also Add a new Workspace access for a User (6).

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