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How to share videos using Social Channels on Android
How to share videos using Social Channels on Android
Share a video on all your Social Media at the same time with just a few clicks!🎉
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With BIGVU Mobile App you can directly share your videos on all your Social Channels in few clicks!

To share your videos on your Social channels you need to link your Social Medias to BIGVU first 👉 How to link your social media accounts to BIGVU on Android.

You will be able to do it also during the share process.

Please follow these steps in order to Post your video on your Social Medias:

1. Open your BIGVU App, go to Projects (bottom left icon) and choose the Video you want to Post.

2. Once you selected your Video take, in the video Menu select 'Share'.

3. In this screen you have 3 different options:

a) You can Copy the link of your video to share your video

b) You can select the Socials Channel you want to post in with BIGVU by clicking on the Social Media icons of your choice. --> See bellow the next steps to share with BIGVU

🎉With BIGVU, you can post in all your Social Channels at the same time! ⚡️

Note: You need to connect your Social Channels to BIGVU in order to Post your video and get Analytics with BIGVU Analytic Dashboard.

👉 Here is the FAQ article to connect your channels to BIGVU, you can access also by clicking on "Add social links" at the bottom of the Share Screen.

c) By clicking on "More" you can open the native sharing of your phone which mean download the video and share in other platform or App you have in your Phone like email, Google Drive, WhatsApp,...

4. Once you selected the Social Channels, you can click on "Write Post" and you will be able to write your Post, you can choose different text for each platform.

5. Once your post is properly crafted, you can click "Post now" and you will find that your video will be automatically published on each selected social media account. 🎯

You will also receive an email notifying you that your video has been successfully published.📩

👉 From this email you will be able to access the Social Analytics Dashboard, access to all data: Reach and post Engagement is only available to users on a Pro plan.💎

Analytics allow you to understand what works and what doesn't and improve your skills to Reach more Audiences!📈

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