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Where can I find and manage my BIGVU subscription plan in iOS app ?
Where can I find and manage my BIGVU subscription plan in iOS app ?
Where can I find if my BIGVU account is linked to a Subscription Plan?
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You can enter in your Mobile App and check the email you signed in to and the Subscription Plan linked to that email.

1. Enter to BIGVU App home screen.
2. Click on "My Profile" button (1) at the bottom of the screen.
3. Check your Subscription Plan on the right of "My subscription"(2), you can click on it to have more details. You can also check the email linked to this account at the top, with your profile Name.

4. Once you clicked on "My Subscription" in the previous screen, you will have this following screen. On the top you have details of your Subscription, here is a Free Trial for example (3).

5. Under the Title you have different options:

  • Manage subscription: for a user with a subscription, this will open directly your BIGVU subscription in Apple Store.

  • Plan: open pricing screen.

  • Free training: allow you to schedule a free training with our Support team

  • Video tutorials: open BIGVU Crash course 101 to learn how to use BIGVU

  • Contact Support: allow you to send a message to our Support team

  • FAQ: open the FAQ

  • Delete account: allow you to delete your account.

Note: Deleting your account is not the way to cancel your subscription, if you want to cancel it, please refer to this FAQ article: How do I Manage my Subscription, Cancel Auto-Renewal on iOS?

Note: On your iPhone, you can also access your BIGVU Subscription by opening your phone's Apple Store

--> Click on the top right on your Account Settings menu.

--> Press on the 'Subscriptions' line to see your active subscriptions: you will be able to find the logo of BIGVU Teleprompter app with the assigned plan in the list.

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