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Where Can I find my previous Collections?
Where Can I find my previous Collections?
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With Interactive video, replacing Collections, you can easily and quickly create a Video Page with an interactive video, just like you know from Collections.

Interactive Video is a simpler version of Collections while yet utilizing interactions to increase engagement.

For users who had videos in Collections, don't worry! All your videos with Interactions have become Interactive Videos with a single user, they are now published in a video Page. You will find all your pages by clicking on Pages screen in the left Pane of the Web App. (1)

When you find your Interactive Video Page, you can select in the 3-dots menu --> "Edit Interactions" and you will be able to enter into your Interactive Video creator (2).

We have also partnered with to easily create an interactive video widget for your website using just the BIGVU embed link! --> How to add my Interactive Video Widget to my website?

The use of Interactive Video
Because there are quite a few changes made, we recommend that you check out this new FAQ for interactive videos.

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