Once recorded, the Video Menu appears allowing you to access different options to manage your video recording:

Here are the different options available:

(1) New Take: Allows you to record again to make a new video take.

(2) Title & Script: Opens the Script screen, you can edit the title and the script.

(3) Edit with WordTrim: Opens the WordTrim feature allowing you to trim the video according to the text heard and displayed. If you cut the video it will create a new take with the selected text. This feature is explained in another article:

(4) Crop, Captions, Logo, Green Replace: This option allows you to edit your video and customize it by replacing the green screen if needed, resizing, adding & manage captions, adding logo, music, business card... Here is the related FAQ article: How to edit my video on the App

(5) Edit Video Page: This option allows you to create a Video Page with your video in which you can add a text displayed next to your video, a logo, a Call to Action button, and a personalized footer with your Business info. Here is the related FAQ article: How to create a Video Page on mobile App iOS or Android

(6) Delete: You can use this option to delete your take. If your video has been downloaded before, you can find it for 30 days after deletion in your BIGVU account on your computer: desk.bigvu.tv --> top right Thumbnail > "Profile" > "Deleted Files"

(7) Share: Allows you to download you video locally or share it on your Social Media channels. Here is the related FAQ article: How to share videos using Social Channels on iOS

(8) Upload: Allows you to Upload your video to BIGVU Cloud to find it on all devices used to work with BIGVU. After uploading your video, for example, you can go to desk.bigvu.tv and work on your project on your computer.

Your video will be displayed on your Projects screen: icon Projects at the bottom left (1), find the corresponding project (2), then select the take (3) to open the menu with the different options.

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