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BIGVU's social analytics dashboard allow you to track your Posts on Social Media!

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BIGVU's social analytics dashboard details engagement and view figures for your all your social media posts providing you with quick and easy intelligence to actively grow your business with enhanced clarity.

Note: BIGVU's social analytics dashboard is available only on Plus💎, Workgroups & Teams plans.

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Why should I use BIGVU social analytics dashboard?

  • BIGVU’s social analytics dashboard allows you to access all your social media intelligence at a glance.

  • Compare the performance of individual social media channels in one place.

  • Build on valuable intelligence and analytics to significantly impact the growth of your company.

  • Access on your phone or laptop. Anywhere. Anytime.

  • Data can be used in key decision making, to drive your business forward, allowing you to excel and grow.

  • Track your success through reach and engagement figures, learn, build and access intelligence for your next video.

  • Gain insight into what works and what doesn’t work, how each post and platform performs, building momentum for your business.

  • BIGVU has the ability to manage up to 20 social media accounts. Allowing you to explore, investigate, learn and grow.

  • You can identify which posts gain traction and the style and content that generates the highest engagement.

  • Watch your followers grow globally and see the evolution of followers per platform.

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