1. Open the relevant video in the project screen, click on the 3 dots and select Edit.

2. The Take Screen opens, you can choose the take that you want to style, by clicking on the 3-dots menu.

3. A popup appears, you can select "Open Video Maker" to style your video

4. Click on the Style button on the left sidebar and choose the Video Theme you want.

We just released recently 6 new Video Themes highlighted here, you can still see the previous Themes and the customized one for now but the new one will soon replace them.

New🎉 We have Lower Third in Video Maker Now!

The selected Theme will be the same for all Scenes of your video whatever you choose Lower Third or Captions per scene.

You can select the Lower Third for a Scene instead of the Captions: Select the scene on the right and then click on Lower 3rd or Captions.

We advise you to put the Lower Third on the first scene and if necessary to merge the first two scenes if the animation does not have time to display quietly. (To merge two scenes: 3-dots menu of the scene and "Merge with the Next" for example)

New themes will display subtitles or Lower 3rd in vertical videos higher than previous video themes to be compatible with Social Media Channels.

5. Click on Create to apply all the changes in Video Maker.

  • To highlight, right-click on the selected word you want to highlight and choose: "Highlight" (word surrounded by stars: *word*) or "Extra Highlight" (word surrounded by slashs: /word/) and it will display the 2 highlighted colors of your Video Theme.

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