How to highlight and edit my captions segments in the Video Maker?

(3) In Video Maker you can customize your Captions by highlighting them, or edit Segmentation.

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First of all you need to Open the Video Maker and Add automatic Captions to your video.

In the Video Maker your captions are displayed on the right by segments.

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You have different options to customize your Captions: you have the possibility to (1) Highlight your captions, (2) Merge Segments, (3) Split Segment in Two and (4) Edit Segment Duration.

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1) Highlight your Captions

On each segment, you will be able to edit the captions manually and highlight a specific part of the caption.

To highlight, right-click on the selected word you want to highlight and choose: "Highlight" (word surrounded by stars: *word*) or "Extra Highlight" (word surrounded by slashs: /word/) and it will display the 2 highlighted colors of your Video Theme.

To go further, you can also:

2) Merge Segments

If the text of the captions segment is not long enough and you want to lengthen it, you can merge the segment with the previous or the next one.

Click on the three dots to the right of the Segment you want to merge and select: "Merge with Prev" or "Merge with Next" depending on your need.

3) Split Segment in Two

You can also split the segment in two if it is too long. You can select precisely where you want to split the segment. This will adjust the next segment according to the split.

Click on the three dots to the right of the segment you want to split, a pop-up window opens allowing you to choose where to split, click on Save when satisfied.

4) Edit Segment Duration

If you want to Edit Segment Duration of the segment more precisely, you can select from the three-dot menu for your segment: “Edit segment Duration”.

A popup opens and you will be able to choose exactly the duration of the segment you want. Once satisfied click on Save.

This will automatically change the previous and next segment.

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