1/ Make a Video

First step: Login to BIGVU account

log in.png

1) Craft your message

You can create a video from the beginning with a New Script or Import your Video.


→ New Script:

write a script.png

Add Headline and Script and record your Video with Teleprompter.


Take multiple takes, if needed

→ Import your Video : in order to add Captions or Replace Green Screen

(these options are not available for FREE users)

import and animated.jpg

2) Style your video:

Add Lower Third Title or Captions, Add Logo or even add an Outro Business Card,...

More information here: Video Maker-Style your Video tutorial

Import animated buttons.png

2/ Create a Video Page

Select Video Page in the menu of your Video (three dots menu in the top right of your take).

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 12.42 4.png

1) Write the text of your Video Page

  • H1 header

  • Text - text displayed under my video

2) Publish your page

→ bottom right - which will open new tab with a view of your Video Page

→ In the main tab: Customize your Video Page → top right corner :

Edit Templates

Edit template defaults to first template - but there are different templates to choose from

  • Change palette colors - text and call to action button colors

  • Add logo

  • Select background

  • Change font colors and size

  • Add a call to action button

  • Add footer - with social links

Then click on Save your Template → Your Page is ready, you can view it by clicking on the Thumbnail or through the Video Page Menu.

3/ Set Video Page as Expert Profile

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 12.42 2.png

In the Video Page, choose the video page you would like to use, to summarize your expertise, click on the three dots to the right of the chosen page and select as "Set as Expert Profile."

→ You will be able to see your Expert Profile Video Page in the Experts Dashboard (View by clicking on [Connect with experts] button in the top bar)

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 21.42 1.png

Edit your information visible on your Expert Profile

You can have access to your information in 'Profile Menu' (click on the thumbnail at the top right of BIGVU Desk) → click on 'Profile' → 'BIGVU Expert'

Here you will find all the information visible on your Expert profile.

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