The secret to a successful Teleprompter recording is practice.

As a presenter, you need to be familiar with your lines and the strategic moment for slowing down and speeding up your speech.

The Read-Only function will help you rehearse to help you be more comfortable and a more confident presenter

To access the Read-Only functionality, please follow these steps:

1. Open your account at and click on "New Script - Script Editor, Teleprompter, Live" button.

2. Enter a Project Title or headline, if you want write a Script and Save it.

Your script saved will be automatically sent to your Mobile App if you want to record on your Mobile

Selecting Read-Only on the right will open the Teleprompter Page.

Once it is open, click the Record button to enable Teleprompter scrolling.


Try to practice your lines and keep close attention to your tone of voice, pronunciation, timely pauses, and your conveying of emotion.

Remember: While accessing the Read-Only functionality, your Camera and Microphone will not be turned on.

Once you are ready to begin your actual recording, simply close the Teleprompter screen and click the button Read and Record.

The Read-Only button is available only on Webdesk.

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