1. Select a video that you want to edit, click on the 3 dots and choose Edit.

2. In the Take Screen, Select "Script" at the top right of your screen.

3. You are now in the Script Screen. In the left side you have the AI tool that you can use, in the middle you find your Script and on the right you have the different options to Read & Record, Read Only or Live Streaming.

To record with the Teleprompter, click on Read & Record.

Confirm camera and microphone permissions


You can configure the teleprompter text position, font size, and scrolling speed before recording your video


Once this is set, click the Record button to begin recording.

Suppose in the middle of recording, you need to catch your breath, deflect an environmental noise, or respond to somebody in the room, you can pause the recording by pressing your keyboard space bar.

Pressing the space bar automatically stops the recording.


Once you are ready to resume, then press the space bar one more time to restart your take.


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