1. Open the BIGVU App and click the Plus button and select "Script".

You can also Record without Script "Record" or even "Import" a video if your video is already recorded and you want to edit it.

Note: To learn how to edit a video please watch this video.

2. Type the Project title and Script and click "Save". Then you can click on the Camera icon in order to record.

3. Before recording, you can edit some Teleprompter settings.

You can also return to the Script by clicking on the "X" cross at the top left.

First of all, to the right of the Record button, at the bottom of the screen, you'll find the option to switch between front and rear camera.

(1) Resize: allows you to widden or narrow the text window

(2) Font: allows you to adjust the size of the font

(3) Speed: allows you to choose how fast the text will scroll

(4) Start Point: allows you to choose where to start the text

(5) Exposure: controls the brightness or darkness of the recording

(6) Settings:

Allows you to manage the settings of your recordings:

  • Manage the Quality Camera: "Front Facing Quality" and "Rear Camera Facing Quality"

  • Set "Automatic Teleprompter Stop" : will stop the teleprompter at the end of the script text

  • "Adjust Teleprompter Speed" here again

  • Choose "Text Position"

  • Set "Pause on Silence" : pauses the Teleprompter when no talking is detected by the camera

4. Once you are ready to film your video, click the Record button to start recording your take. After a countdown of time to position yourself well, the recording begins.

To end the video, simply push the Record button again.

5. 5. The Video Menu will appear at the end of the recording allowing you to access different options to manage your video recording: please read the related article to better understand the different options.

Then, your video will be displayed on your Projects screen: icon Projects at the bottom left (1), find the corresponding project (2), then select the take (3) to open the menu with the different options.

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