Step One: Open the BIGVU App and click the Plus button


Step Two: Select the Script button


Step Three: Type the Project title and Script and click Save


Step Four: Click the Record button to open the Teleprompter and start filming.


Before filming, you can set the size of the Text area, Font size, Teleprompter speed, Start point, and Light exposure.


You also have the option to set Advanced Teleprompter settings like Camera quality, Words per minute, Automatic stop, Teleprompter speed, and Text position.


Step Five: Once you are ready to film your video, click the Record button to start recording your take. To end the video, simply click the Record button again.


The Preview page will open.

On the Preview page, you have the option to further enhance your video by editing where your video starts and ends, using Wordtrim, and you can edit the appearance of your take by setting styling options


Step Six: Once you are done, simply select the upload button to save your video on your BIGVU account.

2022-04-16_22-52-47 copy.png

After saving the video, you can click the Share button to upload your video on your social media platform

2022-04-16_22-52-47 copy.png

Step Seven: Just click one or more social channels you wish the video to upload. Then, click Write Post


Step Eight: Enter a description or tag for your video and click Post now.


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