1. Check LinkedIn’s Live Video Access Criteria

Click here to see if you meet LinkedIn’s criteria for live streaming.

2. Becoming a LinkedIn Live Broadcaster

You can find all the information written here

3. Turn on Creator Mode

Creator mode allows you to use additional tools, such as live streaming, to create content and grow your audience on Linkedin.

You can find the option to turn on/off the creator mode on the dashboard on your Linkedin profile:


That's it!

You can find all the information written here at Linkedin's Help Center.

Hopefully, we managed to simplify the process for you.

Once approved, follow these steps:

Step One: Click the Create button. Then, select Script


Step Two: Type your video title and script. Then, select Save


Step Three: Click the Record button to open the Teleprompter.


To go Live, simply click the GO LIVE button.


Step Four: Select your destination channel. Then, click the Next button.


Step Five: Type a description for your video, and then, click Start Live Video.

Wait for the connection to buffer.


The script will scroll automatically once the connection is fully established

Usually, this takes about 10-15 seconds

If you have no script, don’t worry. The Teleprompter will stream live until you press the Record button to Stop.

It is recommended to use two devices – one for streaming and one for monitoring live comments


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