Create engaging videos with ease using the BIGVU Teleprompter on Webdesk.

Here's how to do it.

1. Open your account at http://desk.bigvu.tv and click on "New Script - Script Editor, Teleprompter, Live" button

2. Enter a Project Title or headline, Write your script and Save it.

Your script saved will be automatically sent to your Mobile App if you want to record on your Mobile

If you want to record a video using Teleprompter on the web click on the first button : "Read & Record"

3. Validate camera and microphone permissions


4. Before recording, you can set the Teleprompter settings by configuring the Text Area, Font Size, and Teleprompter Speed


5. Click the Record button to start recording your take. To end the video, simply reselect the Record button.

2022-04-16_16-08-55 copy.png

A dialog box showing a preview of the video will open.

From here, you have the option to upload and save the video to your project.

You also have the option to download the video you created and save it on your device.

You also have the option to Record Again. Your previous video will be saved as a take in the project file.

Once the project is saved, the browser will refresh to the Projects Page.

You can also choose the option to "Read Only" without recording a video (FAQ link to go further).

In order to Go Live click on "Live Streaming" and follow the steps of this FAQ article

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