How to Edit BIGVU Page Settings on the iOS App

Edit BIGVU Page settings on iOS

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You can modify the settings of your BIGVU Page on the app by editing your BIGVU Page Template.

Using this feature, you can easily change the look of your BIGVU page by customizing branding, design, and page information

Open the app and go to the Profile Page

Select “Pages


Select the BIGVU Page you wish to edit and click the More Options button.

Select “Change Template


Select the template you wish to use and click the “Settings” button


The “Edit Templates” page will open.


Here, you will find settings to for editing the BIGVU Page Logo, Template Button, Background, and Page Footer settings

Remember: All pages using the same template will share the same settings.

Therefore, if you will edit the settings of one template, all pages using the same template will also be changed.

Let’s see what you can do with these settings.

Logo Settings

Using Logo settings, you can add a company logo to the BIGVU Page.


Template Button Settings

Using this feature, you can edit your template button settings on the page header.

Click settings


Select template button


Type the contact information you want to identify with the button.


Background Settings

Using this feature, you can change the background of your BIGVU Page.

You can upload your own media or choose from any of the preloaded options.


Page Footer Settings

The Page Footer is the section of content at the very bottom of your BIGVU Page.

From here, you can customize your contact details, manage social links, and edit footer button settings.


As you edit your BIGVU Page template, simply click “Save” when prompted to retain the changes you made to your landing page.

To save the changes you made to the template, click the Back button and select Done


Your BIGVU Page will render.

Once done, click the More Options button and select View Page

A window will open that will show you how your BIGVU Page’s final look will be

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