The Social Channels feature enables you to link your social media account to BIGVU.

Using this feature, you can streamline the process of posting videos to your Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Business, Tiktok, and LinkedIn accounts.

Let's explore the anatomy of the iOS Webdesk Social Channels app page.


1. Social Channels Button

The Social Channels Button is the main navigational button that opens to the Social Channels dashboard page.


2. Manage Accounts Section

The Manage Accounts Section displays a list of all Social Media Channels you can link as a third-party application to BIGVU.


3. Linked Accounts Section

The Linked Accounts section displays a list of Social Media Channels you have already linked to BIGVU.


4. More Options Button

The More Options Button provides you with the tools to manage your Social Media Channel link on BIGVU.

You can delete or refresh your social media link with BIGVU using this button.


BIGVU Social Channels app is available to Free users and Plan subscribers.

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