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How to Link Your Social Media Account to BIGVU using Webdesk
How to Link Your Social Media Account to BIGVU using Webdesk
Linking social media account to BIGVU using Webdesk
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1. Log into your BIGVU account.

2. Select ‘Social Channels’ from the left hand menu bar (1) and click on Manage Account to connect your Social Channels (2).

Social Channels.png

3. Select the social media channel you would like to link to your BIGVU account (3). Select the prompt ‘to allow, authorize, continue, and to confirm permissions’ to use the app and complete its connection to BIGVU as a third-party application.

  • After confirming, your social media account will display on the linked accounts section of the social channels dashboard. (4)

  • (5) The Single Line Text Note Bar is a space where you can type a description of your account. This is only visible on the Webdesk page.

4. In this screen you can manage your connected Social Channel:

  • For Team accounts, a member has the possibility to keep his Social Media channel "Personal" or to share it in his "Workspace" (6).

  • By clicking on the 3 dots-menu at the end of the Social Channel line (7) You have the ability to “Refresh Connection” or “Remove Channel”.

To go further please read these FAQ articles:

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