To edit page content:

1. Access your Pages List screen by selecting in 'Profile' icon (1) --> 'Pages' (2)

All your Pages list will be display with the last one created on the top.

Step One: Click the “More Options” button.

2. Click on the 3-dots menu of the selected page and then select "Edit page content"

The process includes 3 steps to edit the content of your page

3. In the Step 1/3, you can revise the Header and text displayed in your Video Page, then click on "Next" to go to the next step.

In the Step 2/3 you will be able to check and edit your Call to Action button. The "Next" button will allow you to go to the last step.

4. In the Final Step (Step 3/3), you can Edit or Add a Logo, Select "Publish" to update your Video Page.

Then you can even "Preview Page", "Email Page" or "Share" it in all your Apps available on your phone. With this last option you can also email or copy the link and save it locally.

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