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BIGVU Pages - Creating a video landing page
Can I use my own media to customize my BIGVU Page?
Can I use my own media to customize my BIGVU Page?
Using personal media, Import Videos and create your customize BIGVU Video Landing Page.
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1. On the Desk Projects page, click on the "Import Video - Add Captions" button or "Import Video - Replace Green Screen" depending on your need.

2. Choose the video you want to import.

Follow the steps to complete the process to Import your video. More information in this FAQ article.

If your video is already ready and you don't need to edit it by adding captions or other editing or no need to replace the background, then click on Later in the popup you get.

3. Once imported and styled as you want, you can create your Video Page

If it's a Script Project : click on the 3-dots buttons menu on "Edit" --> then choose your Take and select "Video Page"

If it's a Video Maker Project you can create your video page directly from the Project Menu selecting "Video Page".

To go further in the different steps to create your page consult the relevant article:

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