BIGVU allows you to create video pages with several different templates, each catering to a specific purpose. You can customize many of the elements on the page, including action buttons, fonts, footers, and more, by customizing the template, so make sure you have a beautiful and branded template for each page.

1. Create a video page.

2. To get to the edit template section :

  • On the main desk - click on the Pages tab on the left menu bar.

3. Now you can click on the right top corner “Edit Templates”.

4. The Template editor allows you to customize your page in such a way as:

· Choose and change easily the template you want.

· Add your logo.

· Choose a call-to-action button and it's color by adding your business information.

· Change the headline & text color.

· Insert your business information.

· Insert your social media links.

· Change your URL/username.

5. Click on Save to apply the changes.

Take into consideration any page you create with the template will receive the same settings, for example logo, font size etc.
You are able to create as many pages with the same template as you want.

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