1. Connect your Social Channels Accounts to BIGVU

In order to connect your Social Channels to BIGVU please read this FAQ article:

After you are connected, you can go Live by creating a script on the Projects section.

2. Create a Project / Script and Go Live

Go to Projects on the left side of the page, and click on the "Write or Import Script" button.

3. You are now in the Script Screen. In the left side you have the AI tool that you can use, in the middle you find your Script and on the right you have the different options to Read & Record, Read Only or Live Streaming.

Enter a Project Title or headline, Write your script if you want and Save it.

Your script saved will be automatically sent to your Mobile App if you want to record on your Mobile

If you have no script, no worries😄 , the teleprompter will still stream live until your press stop.

Use two devices - one for streaming the video, and one for monitoring live comments.

3. Live Streaming

When you click on "Live Streaming" button on the right in Script Screen, it opens a popup :

  • At the top of the popup you will find your script displayed

  • You can "Set camera & Mic" by clicking on the corresponding button

  • You see at the bottom of the screen on the right the video result which will appear in Live

    --> Click on the round button of Record Live to start the Live session.

  • Select your destination channel. Currently, you can select any LinkedIn, Youtube an Facebook Page where you have Admin or Content permissions.

  • Type the description text that will be in your post on the selected Social Channel such as the topic of your video presentation

  • Smile - click on "Start Live Video" to start the Live Session. Your text will start scrolling when the connection will be established with LinkedIn. It will take a 10 to 15 seconds.

Important: In order to Go Live on Social Channels you need to allow your Media Account Channel to Go Live:

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