1. Connect your LinkedIn Account to BIGVU

Currently, Live streaming is on BETA and only limited to LinkedIn

Click here to read about connecting BIGVU to your social media accounts.
When connecting BIGVU to your linked personal account or LinkedIn company page, request permission to enable your LinkedIn account for broadcast live. Without this permission, it's not possible to stream to LinkedIn.

Connect your LinkedIn account to BIGVU

After you are connected, you can go Live by creating a script on the Projects section.

2. Create a Project / Script / Open Teleprompter

Go to Projects on the left side of the page, and click on the "Create" button on the right to write a script.

Insert your script and do not forget to write a headline! When you are done, click on "Open Teleprompter".

If you have no script, no worries😄 , the teleprompter will still stream live until your press stop.

Use two devices - one for streaming the video, and one for monitoring live comments.

3. Go Live

  • Click on the pink "GO LIVE" button

  • Select your destination channel. Currently, you can only select any LinkedIn page where you have Admin or Content permissions.

  • Type the description text that will be in your post on LinkedIn such as the topic of your video presentation

  • Smile - wait for the teleprompter to connect with LinkedIn. Your text will start scrolling when the connection will be established with LinkedIn. It will take a 10 to 15 seconds.

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