Display interactions in synch with your videos for viewers to swipe while watching.

You are able to add tweets, quotes, polls, action cards, your own photos or an image from our copy-rights free library with call-to-action links.

Note: You can add more than one interaction to each video.

How can I add an interaction:

  1. Click on the lightning icon on the right top corner of the video, or click on the 3 dots and select "Edit Interactions".

2. It will automatically open the interaction section on the right side.

3. Add an interaction from the left sidebar: tweet, quote, an image from Pixabay or from the library or upload your own with Uploads.

Click on the "Add" small button or drag and drop the visual from the left side to the interaction section on the right side.

Note: Don't forget to add a call-to-action button when adding an image.

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