BIGVU Collections is the easiest platform to enrich your videos with interactions to increase audience engagement and purchase intent.

With collections, create a playlist of short videos (up to 5 minutes per video) with matching interaction cards that can engage your audience while watching your video and share it on your website or page.

Why should I use Collections?

BIGVU Collections are more than just video content on your website, it’s the best way to capture the attention of the viewer with an immersive multitasking experience.

Creates a personal connection with a talking-head message. Display interactions in synch with your videos for viewers to swipe while watching.

  • Watch & Play - Swipe photos with links, tweets, and polls while watching videos.

  • Watch & Buy - Product links and action buttons along with your video collection.

  • Watch & Learn - Interactive video coaching collections with polls, quotes, and photos.

What are the BIGVU Collections Features?

  • Manage Collections of Videos - Easily add videos (up into to 5 minutes each) a collection by uploading directly files or capturing your videos with the BIGVU Teleprompter ( The BIGVU Teleprompter Studio requires a separate subscription)

  • Add interactions - for each video, display in synch photos with links, quotes, tweets, action buttons, and polls.

  • Embed a widget on any website, Wix, WordPress, or Shopify template. BIGVU iFrame can be vertical or horizontal, and fits anywhere you can embed a YouTube player.

  • Collaborate - Invite colleagues, freelancers, or influencers to share videos on your collection. Control access by assigning to any users either owner, contributor, or editor roles.

  • Analytics - BIGVU gives you valuable info on user behavior.

When subscribing to a BIGVU Collection plan, a number of empty collections are created automatically according to the selected plan.

Easy to use the authoring tool to enrich videos.

It's easy to add interactive cards for every video in the collection

Add Photos with Links, Action Buttons, Tweets, Quotes, and Polls in synch with the videos.

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