What is Branding?

Branding is where you can register your business brand which you can use in every feature of BIGVU to customize your videos.

Please note: Only BIGVU Plus and Workgroups&Teams users can create templates under the tab "branding"

Steps to follow:

1. Go to desk.bigvu.tv and login

2. Go to the left menu and select "Branding".


3. Under branding tab you are able to:

  • Add logo you’ll be able to select when you’ll customize your video

To go further you can consult these articles:

  • Choose a Video Theme for your captions

You can customize your theme, font and color

→ Also, you can brand the regular text and the text highlights (Highlight or Extra Highlight)

* Note: Customized captions font and create new colors is available only on Plus💎, Workgroups & Teams plans.

Video themes.png
  • Important: The customized Theme is defined by a specific aspect ratio. If you want to have the theme in all aspect ratios, you will need to copy the style for each one separately.

4. Click on Update on the top right side.

5. Use your customized captions in your video with Video Maker.

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