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BIGVU Pages - Creating a video landing page
How to manage my video landing page on the Web?
How to manage my video landing page on the Web?
Edit your video landing page, URL and track page statistics: visits, video views and call to action clicks.
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Managing your video pages is available on the Pages screen.

You can get there either after publishing (it will redirect you after clicking on Publish) or by clicking on the pages tab on the left side of the screen .

You can access to all your Pages by clicking on "Pages" in the left pane (1).

The main actions to edit the content of your page:

  • You can edit text displayed on your Page by clicking 'Edit' by clicking on the "3 dots" on the line of the selected Page (2)

  • You can customize your BIGVU Page by selecting 'Edit Templates' on the top right of your Page screen (3). You will be able to change your Template, edit your Logo, edit your Call To Action button, your Text & Fonts of your displayed text and the Footer.

    Important: All pages using the same template will share the same settings. Therefore, if you will edit the settings of one template, all pages using the same template will also be changed.

Let's take a look at all the actions available to manage your page in the page menu

1. "Edit"

This option will allow you to Edit the text displayed on your video page: the Headline and the Text displayed next to or under your video depending on the Template chosen

2. "View Page"

This option opens a new tab in your browser with your online page as others can see it

3. "Copy URL"

It will allow your to copy the URL of your page to keep it or share it to your network.

4. "Edit Name"

It will allow you to edit the name of your Page, the name is the Headline displayed on your video page online.

5. "Edit URL"

This option will allow you to edit the suffix of the page URL, it means the last part of the link of your page (3). You can also edit the first part of this link, it means the prefix of the link of all your pages by clicking on the top of the pages list on "Edit URL" (2).

To summary, to access to the Pages list screen click on "Pages" on the left pane (1), then to change the prefix of all your pages click-on the button on the top of the screen (2) or if you want to change the suffix of your specific page on the option "Edit URL" in the page menu (3).

6. "Change Template"

It will allow you to change the current Template of your Page. Each Template have location for the Logo, the Call to Action Button, the video and text displayed. Also, if you click in the Pages list screen (1) on "Edit Template" (2), button on the top of the screen, it will edit all Pages with the same Template

7. "Share by Email"

It will allow you to copy the Thumbnail link in order to paste it into an email.

8. "Set as Expert Profile"

It is an option available for Experts users in order for them to have a Public Profile Page to reach more Audience. All Experts Profiles are available for all users :

You can send a request to become an Expert if you want to share advice with others, for this you must have a short Biography, at least 2 links to contact and add Topics and Language in your request. If you fill in all the fields, after reviewing your application, the BIGVU admin will send you an approval and you can create your profile page.

9. "Delete"

It will allow you to delete your video page. If it's a mistake, you will be able to find it in your Trash bin: Profile Thumbnail on the top right --> "Profile" --> "Deleted files". Here you will be able to restore all file for 30 days.

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