1. Trim your video using WordTrim.

2. Fine-tune - If the words weren't accurate enough, and you want to fine-tune the start or end point, use fine-tune.

  • Minor changes - "Start & End" --> If the goal is to simply adjust slightly the start and end point. You will have two lines on the screen, representing the start and end cut points and 6 seconds before and after them.

    Moving the bar on the top line will let you fine-tune the new start of your video, and the lower line the end.

  • Major changes - "Full Video" --> If you want to completely change the start and end, and not just fine-tune it, you can use 'Full Video' mode, which behaves like a classic trimmer, using a video timeline.

  • Any change you make within Fine-tune will be saved, and be reflected in the words chosen, or the preview when going back to the main wordtrim screen.

  • Make sure your video is perfect before creating the new copy.

4. Go back to save and click on the Create Copy green button to apply the changes.

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