1. Open the relevant video that you would like to trim.

2. Click on Edit with WordTrim.

3. Choose the language you spoke in the video.

  • It will take a few moments for WordTrim to load and transcribe your video.

4. Click on the first word you want your video to start with and select Start and then choose the word you want your video to end with and select End.

  • It will cut out everything in the beginning until the first word is spoken and same with last word and ending.

  • When you choose the word to start/end WordTrim will start a preview from/until that word so you can make sure it starts/ends at exactly the right time.

  • You can change the words chosen by clicking on a new word to start or end with.

6. Once you choose the first and last words for your new copy, two options will appear:

A. Create copy - this will generate the new video, without harming the original take.

B. Finetune - If the words weren't accurate enough, and you want to fine-tune the

start/end point, you can use Finetune.

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