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How to add a video as an intro & outro on Android App?
How to add a video as an intro & outro on Android App?
Upload a video to start or end your clip with
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1. Open the relevant video.

2.Click Crop, Captions, Logo, Green Replace and choose style with captions or without captions as you like.

3. Select the Card icon (1) and choose to add a video by clicking on "Video" in the intro or the outro section (2).

5. Upload your video (3). After processing, your uploaded video will appear in "My uploads" (4), you can select the video you want to add and it will add as intro/outro as selected in the previous step.

You will be able to see that your video has been added as an intro/outro with a camera icon added in the corresponding section along with the time of the added video. You can always change the video by clicking on Edit.

6. Click Next to continue editing your video.

Note: You can also add a Business Card as an Intro/Outro on the App --> Related FAQ article: How to add my Business Card on the app

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